Friday, March 14, 2014

Assemblée Annuelle - 2014 - Annual Meeting

Annonce pour les églises membres de l'AÉÉQ-AGCQ : L'assemblée annuelle aura lieu samedi le 22 mars... voir les renseignements dans vos courriels ou appelez au 514-222-2255:  Venez rencontrer Raymond et Ruth Ann Gorrell de Crossworld... nos conférenciers.  Détails ici

For the member churches of the AGCQ : The annual meeting will be Saturday the 22 March... see the details in your emails or call 514-222-2255.   Come meet our speakers Raymond and Ruth Ann Gorrell from Crossworld.  Details here

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CCCC Seminars

CCCC Regional seminars :
There will be a CCCC regional seminar on March 20 in Dorval. (1PM Social media & 7PM for church treasurers.
To register online go to
Canadian Council of Christian Charities